Saturday, 14 May 2011

A bit of yellow..

Oh my I am loving the colour yellow at the moment. It seems everything I sew, create or make needs a bit of yellow.. Maybe it's all the glorious lemons on our tree.
This is what I have created this week.

I have also started a gazillion other projects---- Too too crazy.. My head keeps spinning from all the ideas I have been having.

This is what I baked.

Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies!! Yum Yum

And I changed a few things around at home. Yellow featured again..

Well I am off to make a few more things tonight.. oh and spend some time on Pinterest .. seriously addicted..What a great website.

Love Lottie xxxx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Getting on it.

Starting a blog, facebook page, email account, uploading photos, flickr, tumblr, Pinterest.. Boy it's a crazy world in the www.. I can get lost for hours. So here is a blog to help me mainstream my passions, loves, ideas, share creations, keep in touch and live my life now.. today.

Today I am ...

Reading - The book thief

Watching - Home and Away eeeek and Parenthood

Crocheting - A granny square blanket for me

Sewing - Vintage Nappy Covers

Coveting - Hunter Boots

Saving For - A trip to Bali

Grateful for  - My daughter - she is amazing

Loving - not going to work

Wishing - we had no mortgage

Addicted to - Pinterest

Love Lottie x